I offer both, Table and Chair massages in the areas of Miami, South Miami-Dade, the Gables, Grove and Kendall, depending on the needs of the individual.


This is a perfect opportunity for busy individuals who do not have much time to get a full body massage and still want to feel relaxed. A special portable massage chair enables the visiting therapist to give deserving staff and managers a thorough upper body massage, over their clothes and right at the work site. It is great for employee morale, productivity, and will enhance management’s popularity considerably.





Full Body or Table Massage:
This massage is done on a massage table where the client is resting in a comfortable position with minimum or no clothing, depending on the comfort level of the client. The therapist offers draping, but it is up to the individual client to choose. This massage can be done in a private atmosphere with low lighting and soft music to help relax the senses.



Some of the techniques used in my sessions are but not limited to the following:

  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Stretching
  • Aromatherapy

Massage can be very personalized, so it is advisable for the client to communicate some  feedback to the therapist, so that both therapist and client get the most out of the session.



Plan an evening of relaxation, pampering and romance, with a Couples Massage.

Two professional massage therapist will come to your place and set up the massage tables side by side, sprinkled with rose petals and scented oils for an unforgetable experience.