Techniques used in treating Low Back Pain, and Sciatic Nerve Compression, in both Low Back and Gluteal Area.
Information about the Quads muscles, their general location, and action
Muscles Massaged to Aleviate Low Back and Sciatic Pain



Massaging the Trapezius Muscles  will give you a feeling of instant satisfaction as many people accumulate stress in this area


There are several very common trigger point areas, like the one shown above which should not be neglected if found
Increasing Shoulder Range of Motion will help you perform better in your everyday activities or sports.
Stretching the Latisimus Dorsi muscle creates an elongation of the spinal column, allowing more space between vertebras
Sciatic pain may be caused by the compression of the nerve by the Periformis muscle located deep in the gluteal area and may be improved by relaxing this muscle
The shoulder is one of the most moveable joints in the body and should be worked thoroughly, looking for any limitation of movement

Treating the cervical area properly may improve on symptoms such as; numbness in the fingers and pain in the wrist associated sometimes with carpal tunnel syndrome.

The lower extremities are very important cause they carry your entire weight, and depending on your lifestyle, they can really be strained.
The pectoralis Major and Minor may cause upper back pain if they are over worked, creating an imbalance in the body and overstretching the muscles in the back


Myofascial Release, is used to facilitate muscle movement and release adhesions between muscles and fascia